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Photography is not hard. It may seem hard for a beginner. In this articles are easy to follow photo techniques you can start using right now. This is an easy technique to take better shots. Be sure to practice as much as possible and experiment with different ideas and techniques as well.
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Xiaomi Yi. A Super Powerful Tiny Action Camera

Xiaomi Yi is Action camera with a small compact form released by the company Xiaomi. Xiaomi is known with products smartphones and tablets are relatively cheap but the quality is qualified. And it turns out Xiaomi launched its own camera product called Xiaomi Yi. This product is new because previously existing action camera on the market, but the price is far above this Yi Xiaomi.

The camera is smaller than the usual camera measures just 60.4 x 42 x 21.2 mm and weighs only 72g. the size and weight of this kind makes it very easy to carry anywhere without the need for a large storage space. Can be stored in a pocket or in a bag.
Xiaomi Yi superiority lies in the resolution of the camera is capable. The resolution is of 16 MP and it can record HD video with the video frame rate reached 1080p 60fps.

Lens used is HD optical glass aspherical lens / F2.8 large aperture 155 ° super wide-angle with H.264 High Definition encoding software, MP4 formats. Data storage capacity on the camera is also quite broad, covering Support Micro SD Card up to 128GB.
How to capture the picture is quite unique and different, because it must integrate with Xiaomi application in android smartphone. Because it does not have a view finder so by using the application in android you can see the view on your mobile phone screen.

In order to pursue without focus, ready to shoot can get a clear picture that Make You shock, to customized aspheric optics HD optical glass lens, viewing angle up to 155 °, into this camera. Therefore, the performance of large scenes with force special angle will give you a visual impact. Also use Sony image sensor and lens, each picture Eventually bring more natural effect.

And so.. Happy Weekend.. Enjoy the camera..