Photo Techniques For Viewing And More

Photography is not hard. It may seem hard for a beginner. In this articles are easy to follow photo techniques you can start using right now. This is an easy technique to take better shots. Be sure to practice as much as possible and experiment with different ideas and techniques as well.
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Photo Composition Techniques

iramaThe composition in the arts is like a taste for any food, all returned to their individual preferences. However, there are certain guidelines timeless and participate in amini by the majority of perpetrators.

Twenty quick tips for photography composition following article is extracted from a variety of sources as well as photography books and hopefully the reader can increase or decrease with the comments at the end. It contained not a rule but a guide, because once again the composition is a matter of taste.

Drag attention to the main subject in the photo. Make use of color, form, light or lines that photo looks strong and the attention.

Sedot Perhatian
Simple, the simpler your photo composition stronger impression caused
Reduce the element that is not in tune. If you think there are certain elements that destroy the rhythm and harmony of photos, take - cover - or move the shooting angle so that the element is missing
Fill the entire frame with the main object. Sometimes the photo is a strong impression that without the background picture at all
Penuhi Frame

Do not leave blank spaces dominate the picture

Check the area around the frame line, do not let a hand, foot or cut vital part object with no reason
Maximize the use of point of view (point of view) is interesting, not merely photographed from the front of the subject
Point of view
Do not forget the rule of third. Drag the imaginary line which divides into 9 equal parts. Place the main object in the intersection of the lines

rule of third
When photographing people, try to always make the eye above the midline photo
komposisi mata

The brightest parts of the picture is the most suck the eye. Put the main object there
Sandcastle on Morro Strand State Beach, with Morro Rock visible in background, after sunset 24 Aug 2009

Background is that reinforces the impression. So do not let the background turn off the main object. .

Photographing reinforces the impression of width horizontally and vertically reinforce the impression of height
Sharpen eye to recognize recurring patterns, use

Sharpen eye to recognize patterns of symmetry, use

Leading line and curve-S always pleasant views

For photographing children, squat down. Align the camera with their eyes
Komposisi anak-anak

Avoid putting a focal point right in the middle photo
Avoid putting the horizon line right in the middle of the photo, try on the third horizon up or down

Do not let it hit the horizon line of the important objects
Check, check and check again just before pressing the shutter. Make sure that what appears in the viewfinder as you wish